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About Us

Providers of good quality care

Maryland Care Agency serves the needs of home-based clients 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Maryland's services begin with a commitment to compassionate care and support in our clients' own homes, on a one-to-one basis. When required, we provide the same kind of compassionate care in nursing homes and hospitals as well. 
Maryland's staff workers help clients maintain their independence by caring for them during designated hours, or when necessary, by living with clients in their homes, or wherever the client resides (often, with a relative).

We are privately owned, and since we are set up to provide a range of personal care needs,we offer a wide spectrum of job opportunities in health and social care.

Opportunities include simple companionship to total personal care--which means supporting those stricken with severe physical disabilities or learning disabilities.

Our Principles

* To safely provide personal care and practical assistance for all clients, and to promote their well-being consistently and proactively.

* To ensure all clients’ needs are met with respect for their independence.

* To provide care while fully respecting and allowing for all clients’ religious practices, cultural / ethnic needs, traditions and lifestyle preferences.

* To respect the free will and human rights of clients—including their personal freedom, choices in daily living, dignity and self-respect, independence, and privacy.

* To provide consistent and reliable 24 hour service to all clients with a well-trained staff that meets the highest standards....and backup staffing, if and when required.

* To work smoothly and efficiently with other healthcare organizations and professionals when delivery of third-party medical help is desirable or necessary.

Among others, here are some specific services that Maryland Care Agency provides:

1. Personal care and help with bathing, toileting, dressing etc

2. Preparation of meals or snacks

3. Shopping

4. Waking or sleeping night service

5. Live in

6. Dementia care service

7. Helping with care of household pet/pets